Poultry Processing Price List 2021 

Chicken Slaughtering:

 $100 Line Fee for flocks under 250

*Cornish Rock X----- $1.25/bird and $0.20/lb.

 * save Giblets and Feet: $2.50/lb. Packaged 1.5lb-2lb per package (Own giblets not guaranteed)

 *All Other Breed: we are no longer slaughtering anything but Cornish
 Rock Cross 

Call for a Quote on Batches Over 1000

 Chickens Cutting:

(Cornish Only) (Minimum of 25 bird per cut) Must have 50 birds to get anything cut.

 *Ten-piece cutup: $0.20/Lb.

  * Quartered $0.18/Lb.

 *Split $0.16/lb. 

*Cutup & Separated (Boneless breast or Split Breast) $0.21/Lb. 100 bird minimum

 Chicken Packaging:

 * Vacuum Shrink Package $1.00/Pkg. (for whole, cutup, split, etc.)

 *Vacuum Pouches $0.55/ Pkg (For separated parts 4 drum/pkg, 4

 thighs/pkg, etc.) (Backs will be packaged in Shrink @$1.00ea) 

$100 Line Fee for all Flocks under 100 Turkeys 
Flocks under 25 Turkeys will not be accepted 
We are no longer accepting turkeys from May thru September

 0 to 29LB $2.00/Bird and $0.60/lb. (Includes Packaging)

 30LB and Larger $2.00/Bird and $0.75/lb. (Includes Packaging)

 Turkey Cutting We are no longer offering Splitting or quartering of turkeys.

 Kings reserves the right to reject turkeys over 45lbs at time of drop

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