We are fully booked for Chicken Processing from September 23rd - November 29th! 

Turkey Processing appointments are available on November 8th and 11th, then full until December 1st!
Updated 08/11/2022 

Important information for Summer 2022:

We are currently short on labor! Feet & giblets (heart, liver, gizzard) may not be saved. This will vary day by day. 

Drop off is the evening before your appointment from 7-830PM or the morning of your appointment from 
7-830AM. Remember to fill out cutting instructions when you drop off. 

Pick up is the day after your appointment from 3-5PM unless you are having products ground or frozen. 

Our custom slaughter appointments are made for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

King And Sons Poultry Services Inc. Is a family owned and operated custom poultry processor committed to quality and consistent services. We do custom poultry processing from flocks as small as 1 bird to flocks as large as 3000 birds. We are one of the only USDA inspected custom poultry slaughter houses which means there is a USDA inspector that looks at each bird we slaughter. This means that all of our products can legally be sold any where in the United States. We can process your birds as whole, whole cutup, and as parts and pieces if you bring enough birds. We will also package your products using high quality vacuum packaging. We offer private labeling and some specialized cutting and packaging. 

We slaughter chickens all year around and turkeys seasonally, and you must have an appointment to have your birds slaughtered. Please call early as we can scheduled out up to three to four weeks during the summer months contact us