Our Services

Custom Chicken Processing

We will slaughter any size batch of Cornish Cross chickens. We offer Whole birds for flocks of less than 25 birds. We offer Whole Cut Up, Quartered, and Split chicken options for fl

Extra Cutting

We only do extra cutting on the cornish rock cross chickens and turkeys (not Heritage). We can cut them in half, cut them in quarters, or cut them up into ten pieces.


Whole birds and whole cutup birds can be packaged in a high quality vacuum packed heat shrink package. These packages have a shelf life of up to a year in the freezer.
We will separate and package pieces with a 100 bird minimum. The pieces will be packaged in a vacuumed heat sealed bag that will last in the freezer up to one year. Breasts are 2 per package, drums and thighs 4 per package, wings 6 per package. 

Private Labeling
We can print your farm name on the labels with address, phone number, website ect.        Contact Levi King for details Contact us